Metal Project

Metal Project makes third party works cutting metals and steel sheets, stainless steel and aluminum with laser cutting machines and powerful high quality and precision punching machines. We also make bending, detailed and refined welding, works of serial and sampling carpentry, followed step by step by our technical department that guarantees accuracy and reliability.

It manages project, development and realization of commissioned product, on time and manner set with the customer.

We do samplings and custom made products with engineering of the details and we can suggest several alternatives to projects proposed by customers.

The quality does not come by chance, why in our company works qualified, specialized and continually updated staff; we are equipped with advanced computerized systems, machines and innovative equipment.

The standard of quality that we offer is very high: the entrepreneurial spirit that marks our company is always voted to technological researches and improvement of productive resources.

Metal Project is a flexible and reliable partner of many companies due to accuracy and speed of execution with which we provide all the necessary work.

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