Metal Project


The laser ray is a universal tool for cutting, welding and surface treatment.
It works without any contact, without any problem of wear.
The cutting laser works without leaving burrs on the angles with a small high-speed progress slot cut and without delays in realizing the piece.
These are just some examples that show technology benefits and productivity of processing material through the use of lasers.
The high power density in the laser ray fire can merge many meterials in thousandths of second, without contact and energy transportation.

This allows high-speed working and a minimum heat supply on the piece with a wear reduction.
The laser cuts thick steel plates, vaporates steel of reactors and divides the hardest materials in sorts, but at the same time works with refinements even the thinest plates.

Benefits of laser:

— Absolute precision and perfect repetitiveness
— Outlines free from burrs
— Cutting edge perpendicular to the level surface with minimum roughness
— No limit shaping
— zero cost for equipment realization
— it is possible to make changes without weighing upon costs
— Implementation of prototypes and mass production