Metal Project

Well… it is difficult to explain in few lines throughout our history, most of all the work, carefulness and great passion that have driven us to get here.

We have trusted in it, we fought for our space in this field, but at the end we can say to be fully satisfied with our results.

In the faraway 1989 we decided to give life to our ideas of a new kind of work, but then, as it is known, technologies in this field were not developed enought , at least in our area, so we started with the first manual punching and bending.

All this, led us to invest in our abilities and in fruits that we were collecting; it was thus that new generation numerical control machines came to support us.
Our courage, spirit of initiative and the desire to succeed have allowed us to invest in the future, in new technologies, in new products that the market requires, minimizing manufacturing time, improving the demand-supply relation, mainly to facilitate our costumer, to who we are trying to deliver finished products according to its requirements, on time and in ways that meet his wishes, ensuring quality and reliability.
All this was possible thanks to the passion for what we are doing and for innovative ideas we have for the future, for the desire to experiment new technologies and to get products always in the van.


The creativity and the spirit of initiative have supported our hard work, that has solid basic elements in twenty-year experience and constant updates, getting the awareness of product quality that we offer to our customers.

It is precisely for this reason that many major companies have granted us their trust.
Last but crucial, the help of collaborators has always been precious.

They make what we require them working every day diligently, creating a working harmonious and serene environment, we always give attention to their ideas and their needs, to satisfy best our customer.

With this brief presentation we would like to make you understand what characterizes our company and our work environment:

experience, reliability, enthusiasm, dynamism and quality!

Contact us and you will see with your own eyes!